On Line Check In


to get in line from home or the parking lot 

If you feel your patient is in CRITICAL CONDITION, please ring the doorbell multiple times and someone will assist you.

We are having clients check in and do registration directly from your phone.  This can be done from home or here at the clinic.  Please text the keyword EMERGI to 34947 to receive a link to your check in form.  After you check in and submit your registration form that is sent to you via text message or email, please wait until we contact you via phone or text for additional instructions unless your pet is in critical condition.  If you do not wait, you may experience extremely long wait times.

Emergi-pet has been serving Tuscaloosa, Northport, and the surrounding areas as an emergency veterinary clinic since 2006. We are happy to provide you with high quality, caring services when your regular veterinarian is unavailable.

Emergipet has the capability to perform digital radiographs, in house lab work (including tests for pancreatitis, antifreeze, rat poison, bleeding problems and parvovirus), place IV catheters, and perform surgeries (from laceration repairs to c-sections). We also carry antivenin for snake bites, fresh frozen plasma to treat heat stroke patients and antizol for antifreeze toxicity.

We are open Monday thru Thursday 5:30 pm until 7 am and Friday from 5:30 pm until Monday 7 am.  ALL ANIMALS MUST BE REMOVED PRIOR TO CLOSING, Monday-Friday at 6:30 am. THERE IS AN ADDITIONAL $15 FEE PLUS $1/MINUTE CHARGED FOR ARRIVAL AFTER 7 AM.

Our office visit is $105 before 10 pm and after 9 am. Between 10 pm and 9 am, the office visit is $120. There is an additional $25 fee on holiday to help offset additional pay for staff on holidays when they have to be away from family.

We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Care Credit, and pre-printed checks (we are unable to accept counter checks nor American Express).

When your pet is hurt, let the caring veterinarians at Emergipet take care of all of your emergency vet needs!

We do not do any in house billing, nor hold checks. We do offer Scratchpay or Care credit.

Scratchpay offers simple and affordable payment plans for veterinary bills. Checking your rate does not affect your credit, only takes a couple of minutes and can be done from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

For more information about Scratchpay and to check your rate, click here:

We are unable to do any billing in house.